How To: Package With Kraft Bags & Boxes



Trusty kraft totes and favor boxes are go-to staples for year-round gift wrapping.

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You might think of kraft packaging as a practical, plain Jane way to contain things. After all, it’s a bit like the stuff grocery bags are made of. But with a few embellishments, it’s easy to quickly make your simple kraft tote beautifully ready for gift-giving. You can keep it light-hearted and casual or add a bit of a sparkle for a more elegant presentation. Start with our decorative hang tags, available in dozens of styles, shapes and colors — designed for holidays, birthdays, weddings and more. Personalize them with your name and a special message for the occasion. Next, choose matching ribbon, gift tissue and a complementary accent paper. If you don’t already have a supply on hand, you’ll find a bounty at your local craft store.



For the Merry Birdies tote example, we used pieces of textured cardstock that matched colors from the design on the hang tag, cut it into thin strips, punched holes in one end, and attached it with ribbon to the back of the tag. On the favor box, we wrapped the paper strips around the box and adhered them with double-sided tape, then tied a ribbon on top along with the hang tag. For the Jolly Wishes example, we found some decorative art paper with metallic accents, fancy silver tissue paper and shimmery gold ribbon to jazz up the look. Again, we cut the art paper into thin strips and used double-sided tape to place it on the kraft tote bags. When attaching the ribbon, you can tie a small, basic bow or experiment with different ways of looping it around and through the hang tag hole. Helpful Hint: tape the ribbon ends down to the back of the tag to secure them if needed.


One of the best things about kraft totes is that they’re sturdy and reusable. If you’ve dolled them up a bit, your gift recipients are likely to save them as attractive, ready-made holders for future gifts. You might even get one back someday, with a bottle of your favorite wine inside.

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Our kraft gift totes are offered in three handy sizes. For this post, we used the small ( 5.25″ x 3.25″ x 8.5″) and wine size (5.5″ x 3.5″ x 13″) totes. The featured kraft favor box is our large 4” square size. For the hang tags, we’re showing off our fun, newest shape — the “luggage tag”  holiday styles Merry Birdies and Jolly Wishes

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