How to make your label text look great

When you place an order with Evermine Labels using one of our templates, our in-house designers will adjust your text to make sure it looks its best. You can also help your order look its best by keeping these concepts in mind as you build your label design.

Put your “star” text where the biggest text is on the template

What words are the star of your label? Is it the product? Your name? Your brand? A message (such as, “thank you”)?  

Once you decide what your star text is, put those words where the largest most prominent text is on the label. You can do this right in our design editor

The feel of each the labels below changes based on the star text.

Play with word order and line breaks 

If there are multiple lines in the biggest, boldest, text field, experiment with different ways the words can be arranged on the lines. Play around until you like what you see.

Play with word length

Word length can make a big difference in how a label looks. Play around a bit until you find something you like.

Leave us a note

As you place your order, you will have an opportunity to leave us a note. If you like exactly what you see in your preview, use the special instructions box to let us know that you don’t want us to make any changes.

Conversely, if you want a change that you can’t achieve in the design editor, let us know what you’d like and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Please note: We’ll never change your word order (unless you ask us to). But we do sometimes change line breaks and we often change text size–all to help your order look its best.

Try different templates 

Depending on the words you have in mind, they may work better on a different design template. It’s a good idea to try out a few different templates until the emphasis feels right.

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