Humongous CD Case Cookies

Humongous CD Case Cookies | The Evermine Blog |
Who doesn’t love a humongous cookie all to themselves? You don’t have to eat it all at once, and you can share if you want to, but it gives you permission to indulge, just once, in your super-sized goodie. Giving someone one giant cookie is a nice way to send them a big thank you.

A CD sleeve is a crafty option for housing a mammoth cookie. Complete with a viewing window and a large label, these CD cookie packets send a sentiment that is more unique than a card, and a whole lot yummier! I could see these as wedding or shower favours, teacher’s gifts, or even just a special treat for someone your appreciate.

Humongous CD Case Cookies | The Evermine Blog |
Any cookie will do as long as it’s large and flat. I made a chewy ginger cookie because I know they flatten out fairly evenly when baked. Oh, and they are ADDICTIVE! Just try not to eat a whole one.

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I used this recipe, but only baked four cookies per baking sheet. I measured 1/4 cup of batter as opposed to the tablespoon recommended in the recipe. I formed the batter into a ball and rolled it in coarse sugar. Each cookie was just the right size when baked.

These cookies are so delicious, but they also can be a bit oily, so I cut a square of parchment paper to fit beneath the cookie in the CD sleeve. The oil doesn’t come through the top of the cookie so it’s the perfect hack to make a CD sleeve into a cookie sleeve.

Humongous CD Case Cookie | The Evermine Blog |
Now add the label. I used these large labels, but many shapes will do. I choose mine so that I could fold part of the label over the back. Of course you could choose to add a second label as a seal on the back with ingredients or a special message. That would look fabulous as well.

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I’m keeping a stash of supplies so when I know that someone needs a little pick-me-up, I’ll be there with an addictive, chewy, humongous cookie just for her.

Humongous CD Case Cookies | The Evermine Blog |

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