Ice Cream Party Sprinkle Favors from Idea Land blog #party #shavuot #dessert #favor #packaging #label(Used in this project: Square Labels in Champagne style.)

Ok. So here’s my thing about ice cream parties. I LOVE THEM! So easy and oh so fun to make!

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“Shavuot” is the name of the Jewish holiday celebrating the receiving of the Torah (Ten Commandments) on Mount Sinai. It is customary to eat dairy products such as blintzes, cheesecake and ice cream. And honestly, this is one custom we are oh SO ‘religious’ about. We will create a delicious ice cream bar with various toppings including, but not limited to: SPRINKLES!

Ice Cream Party Sprinkle Favors from Idea Land blog #party #shavuot #dessert #favor #packaging #label

Why is it that these tiny little sprinklings of color bring back such carefree, sandal wearing, sunny memories of when I was little? Was it the moment the sprinkle landed on the creamy cold scoops of smooth deliciousness? Or was it the colorful rainbow that magically appeared while mixing furiously both ice cream and sprinkles attempting to make home-made soft serve?

On Shavuot, ice cream on it’s own is a divine (excuse the pun) treat, but seriously…the sprinkles are the cherry on top!…just a wee bit smaller. So, I am thrilled to offer cute little bags of sprinkles for our party, in all different colors, shapes and sizes for sticky little fingers to open up and sprinkle on! Each smile of delight will surely be the icing on my cake…or rather, the sprinkle on my ice cream. So ‘sprinkle some fun’ on your next ice cream party using this label and personal quote for that special moment!

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