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I had a housemate once who lost her phone on a long distance bus trip. The main bus depot was in Chicago, and we lived in Champagne-Urbana, about two hours away, so she called them to retrieve it. But her phone’s battery had died and the phone body was so nondescript that she couldn’t prove to the employees in charge of lost and found that they, indeed, had her phone. Inspired by this misadventure, I immediately slapped an address label on my phone. It was just my name and street address, enough to identify the phone as mine. As spiffy as technology is, there’s nothing that beats just a printed name and some contact information.

In the years since, I have refined my address-label-on-a-phone technique. I have developed, what I hope is a more helpful label, providing my email and cell phone number instead of a street address. I make sure to provide at least two contact methods- for if just my phone number was with my cell phone that wouldn’t do much good. Evermine offers a range of beautiful, eye catching and functional labels. I don’t limit my identification labeling to my phone. I label anything that I might lose. My laptop, Kindle and iPod all sport these great labels. If my electronics have a case, the label can be applied to the case- for a more non-intrusive method of identification.

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In some cases (say in shared DVD shelves, music collections or a fridge at work) detailed contact information isn’t needed, just a little label to show that this DVD, CD or yogurt belongs to someone. Pencils, pens, scissors, rulers, staplers, hair brushes, headphones, records, books, water bottles, practically anything with a hard surface that lives in communal space can benefit from a little round id label with some initials.

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  1. It is more secure to put a sticky-back label inside electronics, such as on the battery, so that it doesn’t show. A quick popping out of the battery, which a thief probably won’t do, would reveal the true owner. My daughter-in-law’s stolen phone was found that way, then returned to her by the phone store.

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