I’m Engaged! Now what?

I'm Engaged, Now What?

First off, congratulations! Being engaged can be an exciting time but it also can be very overwhelming. While there are several things you can do after he proposes, here are a list of time-sensitive tasks that would be best done sooner than later.

11. Call your parents and close friends/family.
Before anything, call the people who are important to you. Chances are, they would rather hear from you than a Facebook post. If you have an idea who you want your bridesmaids to be – you should call them as well. You don’t have to ask them right then and there if you want them to be a bridesmaid, but it will let them know you regard them highly. After you’ve contacted the people who are close to you, post away on Facebook or Instagram!

22. Insure your wedding ring.
Life happens. And for important, sentimental things like wedding rings, it’s better to stay on the safe side. We found this post from The Knot to be very informative about ring insurance.

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33. Draft a guest list
Easily one of the more stressful decisions when it comes to weddings. Be realistic on how many people you can invite. Our tip? Start by an writing down an A-list: people you MUST have at your wedding. This list includes immediate family, the friends you’ve had since kindergarten, etc. Then write a B-list: people who you would LIKE to have at your wedding. This list usually consists of co-workers, the former-roommate, your parent’s friends, and so on. Send invites to the people from your A-list first. If 10 people from your A-list can’t attend, invite 10 people from your B-list in order of priority.


4. Set your budget
First, do your research. How much does your dream venue cost? How about your ideal photographer? Invest your time into gathering the right information so you can have a realistic idea of how much you plan to spend.
In addition, sit down with both sides of the family. Will they be willing to help pay for the wedding? If so, how? Financial help can be in the form of a fixed amount, a percentage, or a category (flowers/ bridesmaid dresses).


5. Pick a date (or at least a season)
The third most-asked question after “How did he propose?” and “Can I see the ring?” will inevitably be “When’s the wedding?”

June, August, September, and October are popular months because of their pleasant weather. But a winter wedding can be great too with a little bit of creativity.


6. Brainstorm
Start gathering ideas on what you want your wedding to look like. This step is easier when you know your budget, how large the wedding will be, and what season it will be in. Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration for everything from your welcome gifts to your wedding favors.


7. Choose the venue, photographer, caterer, or florist you really want
If you have a dream venue or dream florist, reach out to them before they’re booked! Do you have a favorite photographer that you’d love to have photograph your wedding? Chances are, other newly engaged people do too! Book your dream professional before it’s too late. This also applies to your caterer, florist, or any other wedding professional.

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Other helpful things

  • Download and print our free checklist printable. It’s a great timeline to have while you’re planning your big day.

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