Infused Sugar from Idea Land blog #homemade #kitchen #baking #infusion #gift (Used in this project: Circle Labels and Small Diamond Tags in Color Wash style.)

I always keep a vanilla bean in my sugar jar. I have yet to find a recipe or need for plain old sugar that doesn’t get a little lift from a vanilla bean. This got me thinking, “hmmm, I wonder what other yummy flavors you could add to sugar?”. A search of the handy dandy internet and I found a plethora of recipe ideas. Rosemary sugar? I’ve read it’s wonderful in apple pie. Cardamom sugar? Delicious on strawberries apparently. It seems the possibilities are endless.

For my infused sugar creations, I chose flavors that I knew I would get good use out of. I kicked up my regular old vanilla bean sugar with a cinnamon stick and some star anise. This is perfect for baking or adding to a latte.

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Infused Sugar from Idea Land blog #homemade #kitchen #baking #infusion #gift

For a French vibe, I made this lavender infused sugar which can also be added to baking but is pretty crazy good when candied on top of a vanilla bean crème brûlée. If you drink lots of herbal tea with sugar, I bet you would like this alongside a steaming cup of chamomile before bed.

Infused Sugar from Idea Land blog #homemade #kitchen #baking #infusion #gift

My third recipe was citrus-infused with lemon, lime, and orange rind. I thought of adding an herb here like basil or rosemary, but I decided that I would use this sugar most in the morning: topping fresh-baked lemon blueberry scones, sprinkling on a half grapefruit, or to brighten up a Rooibos tea. It seemed that while the herbs would go well with all of those foods, I played it safe this time. Infused sugars are so darn easy to make that I just may whip up another batch with some herbs to give it a try.

Infused Sugar from Idea Land blog #homemade #kitchen #baking #infusion #gift

To make your own infused sugar simply add your herbs, spices, flowers, or fruit to a mason jar, cover with sugar, and shake it up. Lid the jar and set it aside in a cool dark place for a few weeks before checking to see if it has the flavor concentration you like. When you are happy with it strain out the sugar, discard the herbs etc., and re-seal the sugar in the jar.

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Infused Sugar from Idea Land blog #homemade #kitchen #baking #infusion #gift

These would make a wonderful gift as well, so make a few extra to have on hand for hostess and thank you gifts.
Infused Sugar from Idea Land blog #homemade #kitchen #baking #infusion #gift

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