Jailhouse Brew

My boyfriend, Rick, loves amber non-alcoholic beer. Last year he decided to get healthier (something people tend to do after they turn 50.) He changed some of his eating habits and cut way back on alcohol (hence a 20 pound weight loss). He has found non-alcoholic beers to be very good (especially the dark ones). Recently, we hosted a party and I thought it would be fun to serve our own “Jailhouse Brew” complete with custom beer labels and coasters.

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We had a lot of fun choosing our own design for the label, and no, Rick wasn’t really in jail. We were on vacation and came across a photo board (he did a good face huh?). I chose a jailhouse orange color for the label and even added matching coasters! People got a kick out of seeing them.

Making your own custom brew is easy! First, buy a six-pack of your favorite beer. Then soak off the labels. Make sure the bottles are completely dry before applying your own personalized labels. If you’re attending an event where you BYOB- pick up a blank beer carrier and put the labels on it too!

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