Kids Fig and Nut Mix from Idea Land blog #party #favor #snack #healthy #recipe #homemade #packaging(Used in this project: Small Rectangle Labels and Small Circle Labels in Cherish Hearts style with Small Window Tin-Tie Bags.)

Another easy project with great results! Put together a mix of goodies that children love, but make them really good by being sure they are foods that parents would love for their children to eat.

I made dried figs last fall from my fig tree which almost every year produces boxes and boxes of too many figs any family can possibly eat. I love figs, but you can’t eat them all. They have always fallen to the ground and ended up composting back into the soil every year. Until last fall, when I got the idea (at last) to dry them. They worked beautifully, and are chewy and very sweet – two things children love – without adding any sugar. It is now June, and the dried figs are as delicious as they were when I made them in September.

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Kids Fig and Nut Mix from Idea Land blog #party #favor #snack #healthy #recipe #homemade #packaging
Kids Fig and Nut Mix from Idea Land blog #party #favor #snack #healthy #recipe #homemade #packaging

I added salted almonds and pine nuts to the figs in this treat. Pour all into a large bowl and mix. The salt on the almonds spread onto everything, and made the figs slightly salty which also added the benefit of keeping the figs from sticking together. The goodies look great, taste yummy, and are a wonderful way to give our children a nice treat that is nothing but pure, good food!

Kids Fig and Nut Mix from Idea Land blog #party #favor #snack #healthy #recipe #homemade #packaging
Kids Fig and Nut Mix from Idea Land blog #party #favor #snack #healthy #recipe #homemade #packaging

I am having a lot of fun with the small circle labels these days, putting peoples’ faces on them. They turn out so cute, and the children loved putting their own picture dot on each of these favor bags.

To package this favor, you will need:

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Window tin-tie bags
Small circle labels
Rectangle Labels
• Ribbon – from your local craft store or
• A hole punch and scallop-scissors

Kids Fig and Nut Mix from Idea Land blog #party #favor #snack #healthy #recipe #homemade #packaging

Used In This Project:

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