Kids Make Gifts! Bandannas

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Ready for a fun beginner’s sewing project? Here are three reasons you will love this one:

  • Make just one, or jump in and make many!
  • Use almost all of your materials (not a lot of leftover fabric)
  • Turn these crafts into simple gifts almost anyone can use

Materials and Tools:
Fat quarters (each makes one bandanna)
Sewing needle or a sewing machine


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  1. Open up a fat quarter on a large clean work surface. 
  2. Fold two edges together from a corner.
  3. Cut off the excess fabric as shown.
  4. Make a very small fold along one edge, and fold that on itself, forming a tiny roll of fabric. Pin this as you work along each edge, being careful to pin each corner tidily as well.

Sewing machine instructions:

  1. Pick out a thread color that closely matches your fabric color.
  2. Sew along your pin line with a simple stitch.
  3. At each corner, lift the foot, turn the fabric and lower the foot to continue your stitch without cutting the thread.
  4. Continue all the way around the bandanna.
  5. Cut off extra threads and you’re done!
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Hand stitching instructions:

  1. Pick out a thread color that either matches your fabric or is a fun contrasting color. 
  2. Thread your needle. (Try this if you’re having trouble.)
  3. Tie a knot in the tail end. (Learn a clever way here.)
  4. Use a blanket stitch (shown here) along the rolled edge.
  5. When you begin to run out of thread, tie off your stitch (This is a nice way to do that.), and resume your stiches with a newly threaded needle.
  6. Continue the stitch all the way around the bandanna, tying off once you’ve reached your starting point. 
  7. Cut off any extra threads and you’re done!
Oval Tags Luggage Tags

To turn your sweet bandannas into handsome gifts:

  1. Visit to design your own hang tags. (Be sure to put your name on them and maybe include a picture of yourself!)
  2. Fold a bandanna in 3rds and roll it along the short end. 
  3. Use twine with a hang tag or two to secure your bandanna roll. It’s ready to give as a gift!
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