Kids make gifts! Bubbles & Wands

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Making bubbles at home is easy! Help your kids make gifts or favors for other kids with this simple project.  

Here’s a project with a bunch of reasons to jump in:

  • Keep your kids busy 
  • Reinforce skills like reading, following directions, and hand-eye coordination
  • End up with inexpensive gifts or favors for kids

You’re in? Ok, we’ll show you how to help your kid make charming bubble jars with bubble wands. 

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This project makes enough gifts for 4 kids (or kids at heart). Use them for party favors, birthday presents or holiday gifts.

Floral wire
Jar/bottle (Pictured are the 4 oz jam jars with white lids.)
Labels (Pictured is the Bumble Bee style in Bahama Blue in label shapes 1B and 28 and hangtag shape 12.)

2 1/2 cups water
1/4 cup dish liquid
1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin


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  1. Mix the liquids together gently, trying not to make foam or bubbles. Set this mixture aside. 
  2. Form bubble wands out of floral wire: 
    1. Bend a portion of the wire around a plastic bottle cap to make a circle shape. 
    2. Use the remaining portion of the wire to form the stem and handle of the wand. 
    3. Be sure your wands can fit inside your bottle or jar. 
  3. Fill each jar with bubble mixture and a wand. 
  4. Label your jars and enjoy giving them as holiday gifts or party favors. The bubbles will be best if the mixture can set overnight. 

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