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CD Labels Rectangle Labels

Record a few polished musical pieces to give to friends and family. Have fun designing your own CD label. 

This is a super fun project for young musicians. Here’s why:

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  • Be inspired to practice and polish a few pieces
  • Have fun making your own CD label
  • Learn how to record your own music
  • Surprise your distant family and friends with a recital
CD Labels Rectangle Labels

Ready to get started?

Materials and Tools:

-A few pieces that you’re ready to perform
-Recording capability and audio editing software (available for free) on your computer
-A read/write disc drive connected to your computer
-Burnable CDs
-Computer paper or construction paper
-CD labels and gift packaging labels (pictured is the simple edge label in deep blue in the CD and large rectangle shapes)

CD Labels Rectangle Labels


  1. Visit to choose the style, color and wording for your CD label and your gift packaging label. You can even make CD labels with a winsome picture of yourself! 
  2. Do a test recording to make sure the sound quality is good.
  3. Record and edit each track. Learn how here:
  4. Burn your songs to the CD. Here are a few helpful links:
  5. Listen to your first CD to make sure it sounds right.
  6. Burn the rest of your CDs
  7. Label the CDs with your Evermine labels. 

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To make inexpensive, charming CD sleeves:

  1. Working on a clean, flat surface, place a piece of printer paper or construction paper in front of you with a short edge closest to you.
  2. Place an old CD at the center of the nearest edge, with the paper underneath at least half of the CD. 
  3. Fold each long edge over the CD and crease it, continuing the crease the length of the sheet on both sides.
  4. Press firmly down on the CD and fold the far edge down toward you, over the top of the CD. Align the edges and crease this new fold.
  5. Flip the paper and CD over so that the CD is now in a little pocket that is closest to you. 
  6. Replace the old CD with one of your newly labeled CDs.
  7. Fold the top down so that the CD is snug inside this last fold, and crease it. 
  8. You may need to cut off a portion of this new flap.
  9. Place a large rectangle label over the flap, with only about a half inch of the label extending below the flap. Hint: If you order waterproof vinyl stock the label can be reused to secure the package a few times.
  10. Send your CDs around the world or across town, to fans and loved ones. 
Rectangle Labels
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