Kids Make Gifts! Marigold Seed Coins

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A hopeful gift to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and springtime! Seed balls give seeds protection and help seeds stay moist until sprouting. 

Ready for a change of pace after a long winter? Here’s why you’ll love jumping into this end-of-winter gardening project:

  • Have some good dirty fun with clay and soil
  • Marvel at the life-giving potential of tiny seeds
  • Watch for signs of spring before planting
  • Watch your plants grow into the summer

Materials and Tools:
– Clay
– Potting soil or compost
– Water
– Marigold seeds
– Drying rack
– Small cellophane bags
– Labels (Pictured are the tall rectangular shape labels in the Santa Rosa style using a free photo from Unsplash by Wes Hicks, and a tall rectangular text label in the Watermark Elements style.)
– Hang tags (Pictured are the scallop hang tags in the multichoice caption style.)


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  1. Mix 1 part clay with 1 part potting soil or compost. 
  2. Add water, bit by bit, stirring thoroughly, until the mixture sticks together well.
  3. Form the mixture into pucks about half the size of a child’s palm.
  4. Press 4-6 seeds into each side of the puck.
  5. Set on a dry rack in a dry, warm place for several days until the pucks are dry.
Labels Tags Text Labels

To turn these dirt pucks into inspiring gifts:

1. Carefully arrange several pucks in a small cellophane bag, folding over the top and securing with clear tape.

2. Place a winning label on the front of the package and a text label with planting instructions on the back.

Our planting instructions read:


  1. After the risk of frost has passed, soak the seed pucks in water overnight. 
  2. Choose a place in the dirt for them that gets some sun and water. 
  3. Press each seed puck into the earth so only half of it is above ground. 
  4. Water the seed pucks. 
  5. Make sure the seed pucks get water throughout the spring. 
  6. Look for sprouts after 1 month and gold flowers after 3 months.”

3. Adorn each package with a hang tag, using twine and a hole punch.

4. Your miraculous seed pucks are ready to inspire others!

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