Kids Make Gifts! Personalized Envelope Kits

Address Labels Labels

Fun handmade envelopes are personalized with address labels to create a one-of-a-kind gift: an envelope kit! 

Here are five reasons to love this project: 

  • Easy and quick to learn 
  • Inexpensive materials (old magazines and junk mail with brightly colored images) 
  • An addicting activity – get started and it’s hard to quit making envelopes!
  • Fun to see each unique product  
  • End up with a whole bunch of sweet, usable gifts for friends and family 
Address Labels

Pictured is a gift that the Sims sisters made for their Aunt Jade in Maine. They ordered return address labels with their aunt’s address so she can send letters in these slick envelopes to her friends, family and maybe even to the Sims sisters.  

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Want to give it a try? Let’s get started!

Materials and Tools:

Old magazines or catalogues

Clear tape


Forever stamps

Blank address labels

Return address labels (pictured are circle photo address labels in white)

Kit package labels (pictured is the Jules Veneer style in Cappuccino in the tall hexagon shape.)

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  1. Pull out pages from old magazines with fun, colorful or inspiring images that don’t have a lot of writing. 
  2. Pick out one sheet and flip it over so the fun image is facing down and the short edge is right in front of you.
  3. Fold the bottom up, about 1/3 of the page length.
  4. Fold about 1/2 inch of the sides inward and tape these down with clear tape
  5. Fold the top down.
  6. You can cut a bit off of the top, if a shorter envelope flap makes sense. 
  7. There’s your envelope!
  8. Repeat this process with several more pretty pages, using your first envelope as a guide so that the dimensions of all of your envelopes are similar. 
  9. Make a bunch and pick out the best ones to use as gifts. 
Address Labels

To turn these into super charming gifts:

  1. Visit to pick out your color, style and text for the address labels and the label to seal your gift in to a sweet package.
  2. Set one envelope in front of you with the flap on the far end of the envelope, facing down.
  3. Place blank address labels, forever stamps and personalized address labels from Evermine on the front of the each envelope as shown. 
  4. Cut a strip of paper about 4 inches wide. 
  5. Cut the corners on one end into curves.
  6. Wrap this strip around the middle of several envelopes, arranged so that the end with curved corners are on top.  Crease the strip and secure it with an endearing Evermine label, ideally with a picture of YOU on it!

    Address Labels Labels
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