Lavender Fire Starter Bundles

Lavender Fire Starter Bundles | The Evermine Blog |
Enjoy sitting around an outdoor fire pit in the summer, but tired of smelling like you’ve been at summer camp for a month? Try tossing in a few lavender fire bundles, which will fill the air with a warm, fragrant lavender scent. The scent repels insects too!

Lavender fire starter bundles work great in a home fireplace as well as a campfire. Fire starters can also be soaked in water and put in a smoker to add lavender flavor to your favorite grilled foods.

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Lavender Fire Starter Bundles | The Evermine Blog |
Here is how I made my fire bundles. I first pruned and harvested my lavender when the flowers were in bloom. If you want to maximize your harvest, you should do this during spring. However, I waited until summer to harvest my lavender. The difference is that I only got one harvest out of the plant, but if you harvest during spring, you will yield two harvests from your plant.

You should always cut your lavender a few inches above the woody growth (the woody growth is what is below the green growth). Then gather your lavender into a bunch for drying, I rubber banded the bunch together and then hung the bunch upside down for 1 week to dry out in my garage. Be sure to store your lavender in a cool, dark place away from the sun and heat – this helps the lavender scent last as long as possible.

Lavender Fire Starter Bundles | The Evermine Blog |
Once dry, I de-stemmed my lavender and used the buds to make linen sachets. After all the buds were removed, I gathered the dried stems together and tied them into a bundle with bakers twine. I clipped the ends of the stems and added a custom tag to make neat little bundles for gifting.

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Lavender Fire Starter Bundles | The Evermine Blog |

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