Lil Bug Baby Shower Cupcakes from Idea Land blog #baby #cupcakes #blue(Used in this project: Collar Labels, Circle Tags, Round Coasters and Free Printable Cupcake Wrappers in Lil’ Bug style.)

Life can get busy with family, friends, work, community all vying for time. Nevertheless, when a little person enters the world, it’s a good time to slow down and celebrate his arrival. The ceremony will be lost on the new babe, but the joy and happiness that surrounds the family and friends is that certain kind of special that can breathe new energy into days that pass all too quickly.

This is why, as much as I love to bake and pride myself on making everything from scratch, sometimes the time gets away from me and I must choose a simpler route. These cupcakes certainly don’t look like I cut any corners, and believe me they don’t taste that way either.

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Lil Bug Baby Shower Cupcakes from Idea Land blog #baby #cupcakes #blue

Now, I’m going to share a secret with you. Those who read Garden Therapy or know me may very well need to be pinched–but I bought a gluten-free cake mix to make these cupcakes. Sure, I made my own maple butter cream frosting, ordered the gorgeous labels, tags, and coasters in the Lil’ Bug design, and even cut out the free printable cupcake wrappers. Even so I was able to do all of this in less than an hour because mixing the cake took all of 3 minutes.

Lil Bug Baby Shower Cupcakes from Idea Land blog #baby #cupcakes #printables

I really do most of my baking from scratch. If I had the time I would have likely made up a batch of these Whole Wheat Carrot Cupcakes. There was also the consideration of the many party guests who need or prefer to a gluten-free dessert.

The lesson here is to focus on what is important to you. I don’t mind personalizing where I can and then taking a short cut when I need to. If it allows for more time to spend with family and friends, and the new little ones that brighten our lives, then it’s just smart life management in my opinion.

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Oh, and the cupcakes were delicious!


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  1. these spring time labels are uber cute! I love how they look on the cupcakes! DO you use any special toothpicks to stick the label in the cupcake?

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