Lucky Charm Treat Bags with a Shamrock Bow

Lucky Charms Treat Bags #stpatricksday #green #gift #packaging

As a kid I used to have Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, and Lucky Charms cereal for Saturday morning breakfast. I would wake up early in the morning, pad down to the kitchen in my footed pajamas, and grab the bowl full of kiddie catnip that was set in the fridge beside the milk. I was then all set to watch weekend morning cartoons while my parents had a well-deserved sleep in.

Lucky Charms Treat Bags #stpatricksday #green #gift #packaging

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Things have changed a little. I no longer have time to watch cartoons and I certainly don’t want to get up early. I’m now the one looking for the well-deserved sleep in. But most of all, I now know that sugary novelty cereals are not a solid breakfast food, but a treat used for special occasions. I don’t think I have eaten anything called “froot” in many years, and yet I’m not so strict that I can’t enjoy a treat now and then.

Lucky Charms Treat Bags #stpatricksday #green #gift #packaging

For this St. Patrick’s Day, I made up some treat bags for people that have been so kind as to pass on little gifts this year to my son. This little thank you comes from him, full of wishes and whimsy, and topped with a shamrock bow.

To make the Shamrock bow:

Lucky Charms Treat Bags #stpatricksday #green #gift #packaging
Use a fairly wide piece of ribbon. Fold the center of the ribbon inside the tie of the tin tie bag and fold the tabs back to secure.

Lucky Charms Treat Bags #stpatricksday #green #gift #packaging
Tie the ends into a bow with long tails…

Lucky Charms Treat Bags #stpatricksday #green #gift #packaging
…then use those long tails to tie a second bow in the alternating direction from the first bow. Snip the tails and puff up the ‘leaves’ and you have a shamrock bow.

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Lucky Charms Treat Bags #stpatricksday #green #gift #packaging

I hope this gift will put a smile of the face of someone who has been special to my family this year, that they enjoy this treat with some icy cold milk, and perhaps even find some time to watch cartoons!

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