Make text easy-to-read with these color tips

All of our templates at Evermine Labels are carefully designed so that your words will be beautiful and easy to read.

But if you upload your own label design or make color changes in one of our templates, you might run into wording that is difficult to read.

Here are a few tips for creating easy-to-read text:

Avoid busy backgrounds 

If you are submitting your own art, be sure that the background isn’t so busy that it makes your text hard to read. Even subtle color shifts behind letters can make text tricky to read.

Choose a high-contrast background color 

Whether you have dark text on a light background, or light text on a dark background, be sure that the text and the background are very different in terms of lightness and darkness. If there isn’t much light/dark difference between the two, your label might be hard to read.

If you choose a dark background, make your text a light color. If you choose a light background, make your text a dark color.

Changing colors in Evermine Labels’ templates 

For some of our templates, you can change the colors of the text or the background in our design editor.

This is where you can change the background color of your label.
To change a font color, click on a rainbow circle icon. This will open the tool pictured to the right.
This is where you can pick a font color. Notice the CUSTOM COLOR tab at the top.

In some of our design templates, you can use the same color tools to create custom colors (click the “CUSTOM COLOR” tab, if available). Use the vertical slider bar to make your color darker. Move your color selection toward the center of the circle to make your color lighter.

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