If you are like me, you may find it a bit hard to get through the winter months without fresh grown garden veggies. That’s why I started sprouting originally, but this crunchy bean mix has me addicted! It adds a whole lot of flavor and freshness to salads, soups, pasta, and sandwiches, but also packs in a whole lot of nutrition. Each teeny tiny sprout is more digestible than the unsprouted grain, plus it packs in all the nutrients needed to grow that seed into a seedling. No need for a multi-vitamin when you add these to your diet!


While it is always best to be cautious when growing sprouts at home, there is no need to be fearful of them. They are easy to grow and it’s easy to tell if they are still fresh. Start off by sprouting this crunchy bean mix in a mason jar as they are so quick you won’t believe your eyes! I’m sure that once you taste them you’ll be addicted too.

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To make up the sprouting jar, add a mix of dried lentils, mung beans, and green peas to fill about 1/5 of a 16 oz/1L mason jar. If this will be a gift, add a jar label to the side and create an instruction tag using a text label and a piece of cardstock. Using a lid ring, secure a square of cheesecloth to the jar opening.

Cover seeds with water and leave to soak overnight, 8-12 hours. Secure the square of cheesecloth tightly with the canning jar ring. Strain off water through the cheesecloth mesh and set aside on the counter. Rinse the jar contents under running water for 30 seconds 4 x per day, straining off all the liquid. Sprouts are ready in 3-5 days.

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When your sprouts are ready and starting to outgrow the jar, transfer them into a salad spinner and keep it in the fridge. The cool temperature will slow growth and spoilage. Continue to rinse the sprouts once a day and only consume if they still smell fresh. Use sprouts within another 3-4 days or dispose of them if there is any browning, softening, or strong odor.

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