Every year I look forward to the month of May. May means that spring is in full bloom and the season of farmer’s markets and outdoor art walks begin. Living in Portland, Oregon, I love seeing people out and about, enjoying the first days a sunny weather. You can find people out taking a stroll, working in their gardens or even enjoying a happy hour on a patio of their favorite local restaurant. After a long, cold winter, I am ready to celebrate warmer weather!

One tradition that has been mostly forgotten is the celebration of May Day. Last spring I remember my mother telling me about how she made a May Day Basket as a child. Unfamiliar with the idea, I decided to do some research. I discovered a lovely tradition for children to create little paper baskets and fill them with flowers. The fun part is that they would sneak up onto their neighbor’s doorstep, hang the basket from the door knob, ring the bell and run!

Recreating this fun little gift was very simple and fun to make.

Here is what you need:
• Paper (I used 12″x12″ scrapbook paper
• Ribbon
• Flowers from your garden
• Garden clippers
• A plate (for measuring)
• A stapler
• Scissors and tape
• Pencil
A custom label

Step 1: Using your garden clippers, take a walk through your backyard and gather up a small bouquet of flowers.

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Step 2: Choose your paper. I have a large collection of scrapbook paper so I decided to choose a sheet of pink polka-dot. I also ordered a custom, flower shaped scallop label that says, “May Day Flowers For You”.

Step 3: Cut your 12″x12″ paper in half, so it measures 12″x6″. Using a dinner plate as a guide, draw a half circle on the paper. Cut out with scissors.

Step 4: Holding both ends of your half circle, bring them together and overlap to make a cone shape. Secure with a stapler.

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Step 5: Place a scallop label on the paper cone, covering the staple. Secure a piece of ribbon for a basket handle, using tape.

Step 6: Fill with flowers and place on your neighbor’s door!

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  1. I love the May basket! My 5 year and the rest of his class has to make one for school and they draw a number to find out who gets witch one. I have no clue what to put in it. Since they are 5 years olds and you dont know if it’s going to go to a girl or a boy . Do you have any input?

  2. We would put candy in the baskets as well as flowers. Also, we would ring the doorbell, run, and hide. The recipient would open the door, come looking for us, and if we were found he or she would give us a kiss.

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