Our community experienced a sad event recently; a young adult friend of ours, Matthew, unexpectedly died. To remember him, his family and friends decided to gather at their neighborhood park where they had always played as children, and hold a candlelight vigil on what was to be his 24th birthday. I really wanted to do something special to help his mom, sisters, and brothers who where stricken with grief and struggling with all the arrangements that had to be made.

I picked up two dozen of these little prayer candles at the dollar store. Once I got them home I knew I wanted to make them more personal. I hopped on evermine.com and uploaded a picture of him and his beloved smile. I chose the personalized labels, style Cara in tuxedo. Then I searched around online for an appropriate poem to add. I found a lot of great poems here. Once I found one that brought a tear to my eye I knew I had found the one, and placed it on a text label in Briar Rose style. I put a rush on my order and was so pleased when I received them within two days.

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As I was attaching my labels to the candles I realized that these were going to be very special to everyone, and I was right. At the candlelight vigil they were passed around and gone in the blink of an eye. They were so popular that the following day a lot of our friends had pictures of the candles as their facebook profile picture. I got a call from his mom a few days later asking if there was any way I could make more for the funeral service, since there were relatives coming to town. I made two dozen more, and Evermine Labels again made it so easy; all I had to do was reorder using my order number. At the funeral service a candle was placed near him, and everyone thanked me for the wonderful gifts. Many people told me that they light the candle every night in remembrance. Thank you Evermine, without you I wouldn’t have been able to create such a beautiful gift that has helped my friends and loved ones in their time of sorrow.

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Sarah is a print press operator here at Evermine. She helps out in the cutting department, and her favorite thing to do at work is tend the garden. She was born in St. Louis Missouri, raised in Northern California, and moved to the Northwest about 10 years ago. She has two children of her own and one step son. In her spare time Sarah likes to cook creative meals for her family and shop for bargains.


  1. Normally I hate sappy memorial things but this is a really nice way to support a grieving family. Excellent idea- I bet they will always remember this! 🙂

  2. Super post, Sarah! I think it is a great idea to make your own memorial candles and this can be done at a significant saving to purchasing from a candle retainer or having the funeral home arrange this for you.

  3. I’m looking for the purfect picture lable for candles for my son’s first year memorial celebration. This is just so hard for me.

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