Menorahs for Chanukah

Menorah Gifts for Chanukah | Evermine Blog |
Chanukah is the Jewish Holiday that celebrates the festival of lights. We give out menorahs for Chanukah each year and package them in a unique way. This year, we will be giving out oil Menorah’s since the miracle of Chanukah occurred when a single flask of oil was able to keep the temple flame lit for eight days.

Menorah Gifts for Chanukah | Evermine Blog |
These menorahs are easy to use and absolutely beautiful to light. They are packaged neatly in a burlap wine bag decorated with a golden ribbon and a tag depicting the glow of the Menorah! I love these little tags. They add the perfect touch with a personalized Chanukah message:

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Let there be
Wishing you a
Happy Chanukah!

Menorah Gifts for Chanukah | Evermine Blog |

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A most beautiful holiday, a time of miracles and light. May we all make this world a brighter place. Happy Chanukah!

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