Milestone Birthday Wine with photo labels from Evermine {}
If you’re anything like me, when a friend’s birthday comes around, you’re always excited about finding the perfect gift. However, milestone birthdays are a whole different beast. They are one of those occasions in life where people often take a moment and think Woah, look how far I’ve come! So, as far as birthday gifts go, it’s got to be a good one!

Milestone Birthday Wine with personalized photo wine bottle labels from Evermine {}
This year I’ve got a couple friends turning 30 and 40, which is kind of crazy and exciting. I’ve been friends with most of them for 10+ years (some even 20+ years), which is something I’m so grateful for, so I really wanted to find a gift that would show each of them how much their friendship has meant to me.

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Milestone Birthday Wine with personalized photo labels from Evermine {}
Rather than going out and trying to find a gift, I wanted to come up with something a bit more personal. Since I’ve got a lot of great moments with all of them captured on photo, I thought it would be a unique idea to take a couple of old and new photos to create a little retrospective of our friendship with Evermine’s photo wine labels, because it’s all about the memories, and, like a fine wine, friendships get better with age!

Milestone Birthday Wine with personalized photo labels from Evermine {}
For this gift idea, all you need to do is gather your photos and buy a bottle (or several bottles) of your friend or family member’s favorite wine. My friend Katrina was the first to turn 30 this year, so for her set of wine labels, I chose our Modern Museo style because it has a clean look, space where you can upload your own photo, over 20 colors to choose from, and enough text space for a short personal message.

Milestone Birthday Wine with personalized photo wine labels from Evermine {}
This gift idea is easy, yet very meaningful, so for your friend or family member’s next milestone birthday, gather them over for a nice dinner, pop open some bubbly or wine, and say cheers to long lasting friendships and family!

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And don’t forget to check out our video tutorial on how to apply our wine labels to your bottles!

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