Peppermint Bath Salt Wedding Favors

"Mint to Be" Peppermint Bath Salts |
For a bridal shower favor idea that’s both budget-friendly and luxurious, make your own bath salts scented with peppermint essential oils. As an optional step, you can color the salts with a couple drops of red food coloring, or layer colored salt with natural colored salt to create a striped candy cane effect.

For an adorable presentation your bridal shower guests will love, package the bath salt favors up using small bailing wire jars finished with your favorite personalized labels from our shop. The jars in these photos feature our Watercolor Wash style, but you can browse our entire collection of bridal shower styles here.

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Peppermint Bath Salt Wedding Favors

"Mint to Be" Peppermint Bath Salts How-To
-Bath salts (unscented)
-Mint Extract or peppermint essential oils
-Food Coloring

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"Mint to Be" Peppermint Bath Salt Wedding Favors |
-Mix half the batch of bath salts with a few drops of the mint and food coloring
-Mix together
-Layer unmixed salts with mixed salts
-Adorn with labels

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