Kid’s Party Idea: Monster Repellent Spray

Monster Repellent Spray | Evermine Blog |
Monsters don’t have to be scary. I mean, look at Cookie Monster. Unless you are a cookie you are pretty much safe from that gravel-voiced blue monster. There are lots of cute creatures that can be used to decorate a children’s party. A pink Cyclops with buck teeth or a smiling green goblin with fins for arms, for instance. I found these monsters as free clipart and used them to create a party game that kids just love: Monster Busting!

Monster Repellent Spray | Evermine Blog |
The first thing you need for a good old Monster Bust is a weapon to protect yourself. Since most of the monsters my son and his friends are familiar with are furry, silly creatures, this Monster Repellant is all that is needed.

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Arm kids with a spray bottle of Monster Repellant and let the hunt begin. They can spray a little under the bed, on the basement door, and in dark corners to protect them, or spray each other to create a protective shield.

Monster Repellent Spray | Evermine Blog |
Want to make your own? Fill a spray bottle with tap water and say the phrase, “Monsters must be gone!” three times while you shake the bottle. It will then be activated and ready to rid your home of those pesky monsters.

Monster Repellent Spray | Evermine Blog |
Monster repellant is an ancient formula that clearly works magic in the home, and you will likely have all that you need to make it right now.

Tip: set the nozzle on mist so that not much water escapes and you aren’t dealing with a flood in your house. Or take the Monster Busting outdoors to the yard or playground for a fun summertime activity.

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