Mother's Day Coasters

This Mother’s day, I helped my co-worker’s family create adorable coasters. My co-worker, Lizzie, is mother to a creative 6-year old girl and wife to an equally creative husband.  With their help, I was able to use three of her daughter’s doodles to create personalized gifts for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Coasters

First, I used Adobe Photoshop to accentuate specific elements in the doodles. For example, I used the Stamp tool to erase the left green line for a cleaner look in the photo above. Although this step is not completely necessary, I found the results worth it.

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IMother's Day Coasters

Mother's Day CoastersFrom three doodles, I made three different coasters with different shapes: square, ornate square, and round. Ordering the coasters was the easiest part. I just uploaded my Photshopped image and adjusted it until I thought it was perfect.

On the pink coaster, I added the text “Happy Mother’s Day” and “With love from Ryan & Anona” through the Evermine Personalize Text page.

Mother's Day Coasters

The coasters looked amazing when they came in. The colors were as vibrant as they looked on the computer and the coaster itself was sturdy yet light. The best part is that Evermine coasters are printed with waterproof ink, so it’s impervious to condensation and the occasional spill.

Mother's Day Coasters

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Mother's Day Coasters

These Mother’s Day Doodle coasters are a great way to preserve cherished drawings and doodles you might have hanging on your refrigerator. They are thoughtful gifts that don’t require the time and energy of a DIY project. From only 99¢ -$1.19 a coaster, Lizzie has enough to keep and give away to family members.

Have you used Evermine for your Mother’s Day gifts? We’d love to see them! Just email us a picture or tag us with #ShopEvermine.

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