Nerdy Valentine’s Day Treats

Nerdy Valentine's Day Treats |
Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift idea that’s perfect for the nerdy at heart? Put together these simple treat bags filled with Valentine’s Day candies, sweets and chocolates, and package them with labels that are personalized with nerdy text! To create punny sayings for your labels, you can draw inspiration from ideas you learned in science class, such as Natural Selection or the Periodic Table, or you can draw inspiration from your favorite nerdy shows, like Star Wars, Star Trek or Dr. Who. Here’s our list of suggestions to get your started:

Naturally I Select You
Talk Nerdy To Me
I’ve Got My Ion You
You R2 Good To Me
You’re the Obi Wan For Me
Yoda One For Me

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Once you’ve personalized your text, all you need to do is put together your treat bags! You’ll need the following supplies:

Cellophane Bags
Personalized Labels
Valentine’s Day Treats

Cut squares of cardstock that, when folded in half, are slightly larger than your labels. Fill your cellophane bags with Valentine’s Day treats, and fold the top down (you may need to snip off some length from your cellophane bags if they are too long). Fold your cardstock in half, and sandwich the top of your cellophane bag between each side. Staple down, and place your personalized labels over the staple. Repeat with each bag until you have packaged all your candies.

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IMG_1712 IMG_1713
Happy Valentine’s Day! What kind of nerdy Valentine’s Day sayings will you be using for your treat bags?

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