Nuts About Each Other

When I was a child, every year at Christmastime my dad would bring home a bag of pistachios that his boss had given him as a Christmas gift. It must have been that my parents didn’t care for them because they would always end up in the hands of my little brother and I. We would sit in front of the TV in our footie pajamas, watch Disney movies and chow down on these special little nuts. This is a neat little memory of mine that I’m sure I won’t forget because as an adult it still hasn’t left my mind.

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To this day I still crave pistachios around the holidays. It’s the strangest thing! I’ve never actually given in to the craving because they can be a bit pricey at the grocery store. Then I discovered that they go on sale around the holidays at our local warehouse store, and I couldn’t resist buying a bag. I eventually realized that buying them in bulk meant I wasn’t going to be able to finish the whole bag of pistachios all by myself. Two years later, half the bag still sits on the top of my fridge.

Then I got the idea that I could package them up and give them as gifts or party favors so that they don’t go to waste. If I had thought of this 2 years ago, I would have done it! I think this idea would be great for a wedding favor all wrapped up in cute packaging or in a sweet little organza bag like I did in the photo. I know that green is a popular color to choose for a wedding these days and a lot of brides are also choosing ivory colored dresses, so this would be perfect! I’ve also been seeing the phrase “Nuts about each other,” a perfect saying for a personalized gift tag.

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This idea is so easy and inexpensive and I can almost guarantee that the guests will enjoy a handful of these yummy little pistachio nuts, and if for some reason they don’t, they can always give them to their children to eat at Christmastime… while watching Disney on TV… wearing footie pajamas.

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Lacy worked for My Own Labels for five years; in production to make customers' labels look fabulous, and on the energy team to maximize our energy use. She recently retired to become a full-time mother of a handsome little boy.


  1. HI Lacy, Im getting married on this November and guest what, my plan is to have pistachios as gifts to my guests!
    I chose pistachio due to a few reasons, first would course be the colour as my theme would be white, champagne and some green. Pistcahios are simply the matching colour to it.

    Do you also know that Pistachio in Chinese meaning “happy nuts” (direct translation from Chinese), so I have no excuse not to present these as a wish to my guests!

    But the only thing about having these is that pistachio are generally quite expensive, to buy in bulk quantities could cost a bomb. Therefore I’m still looking for wholesalers that could offer their best price.

    I would also like to ask you that will the pistcahios go soft if you only pack them in organza fabric bags? Do we need to seal them in a plastic bag first.

    Thank you & best regards,
    Faith Dellyn Neoh

    • Hi Faith,

      Congratulations on your wedding! The best place I know of for inexpensive pistachios is the bulk section of your local natural food store, or the bulk section of Winco. If they taste a little bit less than fresh, you can freshen them up: put them on a cookie sheet and bake at 275 for ten minutes or so. Let cool completely, then package.
      Lacy and I packaged our pistachios in the organza bags, without any plastic bag. The plastic bag would cause the nuts to get old fast. The only drawback to them being in just the organza bags is very slight – a very small amount of salt and shell remnants will filter out of the bag. Not enough to be noticeable (unless you are a ‘nut’ about perfection).

  2. Hi evermine blog! Regards to all! Im chat from philippines… im so happy i saw ur website with so much diy and unique wedding favor ideas…! Im a july 2014 bride and we decide to come up with civil wedding to be simple yet elegant color for our theme… i want also some cheap,simple yet formal appearance and i agree that ur blog is so helpful… i love the nuts and the coasters and the cd’s.. hihihi.. love it.. my color theme ia pink,white and touch of green.. will it be ok for winter season? Thnk you and pls extend my hugs and kissess to all!! Chat 🙂

  3. Hey Chat Sevilla, your color theme sounds great for a winter wedding! Thanks so much for the feedback, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. 🙂

  4. I am trying to find where to buy/download the printable that goes with this article. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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