Olive Our Love! Wedding Favors

Olive Oil Wedding Favors

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For all you couples who enjoy cooking together here’s the perfect diy wedding favor for your guests.  Share your love for the savory things in life with jars of rosemary infused olive oil. Simply use your choice of olive oil and gather fresh cut sprigs of rosemary and combine them in favor jars. Send guests home with a bottle and some bread for dipping.

• Olive Oil
• Sprigs of Rosemary
• Funnel

For Packaging:
• Glass Jars
• Personalized Labels (Graceful Floral, Petal Labels)
• Personalized Seals (Skinny labels with icon and text)

1. Clean and sanitize all your jars, leave them to dry
2. Using a funnel pour olive oil in each jar
3. Wash and dry fresh cut sprigs of rosemary
4. Cut each sprig to size and put them in each jar of olive oil
5. Seal each bottle with a personalized tamper-evident label
6. Finish with a label and a cute message such as “Olive Our Love to You”, “Olive You” or “Infused with Love”

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You can buy the glass bottles shown here

Or a variety of bottles can be found at Freund Container

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