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One of things we love about what we do is getting a glimpse of fun life celebrations like this. Seeing these four boys having a great time together as kids and then posing the same
way years later made us happy. Curious about the story behind these cute photos and how the labels were being used, we wrote to Mike and Joanne and they very generously shared:

“It would be awesome for you to feature this label on your blog, we know that the little boys who are now men will get a kick out of this!
The photo is a picture of our two sons and their buddies growing up on the same block as kids. The original photo shows them on a typical day hanging out and goofing around as usual.
Mom always had the camera ready when there was a good shot to be taken of them together. The later photo was taken on a ski trip, one of the many trips they have taken together.
After all of these years they are still good friends and goofing around. The labels are for a home brew kit that we purchased for our eldest son Joedy for his 30th birthday. The labels will
be put on bottles and given to him along with the kit, t-shirt and a framed picture as a keepsake at his party. Needless to say, they are beer aficionados! The beer that he will be brewing
is an Irish Ale for the Irishman in him!”

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Thank you Mike and Joanne for sharing this story! We hope that the party and homebrew were big hits – and we wish the guys many more fun times together in the years to come.

Caption style, featuring a full image upload and shadowed text worked perfectly for these playful then-and-now labels.


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