Orders We Love: A Family Meme


This kooky coaster order cracked us up – but also mystified us a bit. The photo is so cute
and hilarious: a family gathering, big smiles and laughter, and a vague threat about getting in trouble for messing up the table. What does happen if you mess it up? We just had to find out! So we wrote to the funny person who placed the order and she very kindly filled us in:

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“It΄s always an honor to highlight my family΄s piety in housekeeping (aka dysfunction.)
Glad folks laughed, although the follow up coaster may bring them to tears, it΄s titled:
“THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS” and features my mother standing with her arms wide, enraged,
while my father holds me down in a militia-type choke hold. You will see it as soon as I
figure out how to catch it on camera.”

Thanks Cara Adkinson for sharing your story. We’re looking forward to the next installment!

Cara used Meme style, which is so perfect for these fun coasters about a family obsession
with tidy tables.

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