My daughter recently celebrated her first birthday! It’s hard to believe its been a year since she arrived. Watching this little girl grow and learn has been an amazing journey. Most will agree that the first birthday party is not only a celebration of life, but also a day to commend those hardworking parents for a job well done.

Finding a party theme can be difficult sometimes, but really all you have to do is look around. I found inspiration for Roxy’s party in a hat! That’s right…a hat. She looks so adorable in her little purple owl beanie that I chose a “Look Whoo’s Turning One” theme and designed everything to match the hat.

For party favors I made up my own kids snack mix and packaged it up in baby food jars decorated to look like owls!

Cereal Snack Mix
• Your favorite cereal (I used Blueberry Muffintops)
• Mini Marshmallows
Wilton Candy Melts (I used the color lavendar)
• Purple Food Coloring (optional)

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Combine cereal and marshmallows and spread out onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Melt the chocolate Candy Melts in the microwave following the package directions. Stir in a few drops of food coloring for an added pop. Using a large spoon, drizzle the melted candy evenly over the cereal mix. Let cool.

Owl Favor Jars:
• Empty baby food jars
• Googly eyes (remember to get x2 since they each get 2 eyes, I made 30 jars, so I needed 60 eyes)
• Pre-cut craft foam flower stickers
• A sheet of orange craft foam
• Feathers (2 for each jar)
• Paint
• Hot glue gun
• Personalized Labels

Step One: First you want to prep your baby food jars by soaking off the labels. Once the labels were removed, I washed the jars in the dishwasher and scrubbed the lids by hand with warm, soapy water. Next, fill your jars with your prepared snack mix (make sure the candy is cooled completely).

Now for the fun part – Decorating the jars! This was a great activity to do with the help of a girlfriend.

Step Two: Painting the lids. Don’t forget to cover your work area with an old sheet or table cloth. I chose a pearled purple color so the lids had to be painted with a base white first. We put the lids on top of little spice jars so we could turn them as we painted with minimal finger smears. We also used a hair dryer to speed the drying process.

Step Three: Decorate the jars. First we added the foam flower stickers. The adhesive on the sticker wasn’t enough to make them stick to the jar, so I got out my hot glue gun. Once the flowers had dried we added the googley eyes. Next, we cut little triangles out of the orange foam sheets and glued them on as beaks. We added the feathers to the back using hot glue and once the glue was dry we placed our personalized labels over the feather ends.

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