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I’ve got an awesome party trick for you. Something that can earn you a ton of cred, but actually requires very little effort.


Infused vodkas are super easy to make, super easy to dress up, and, of course, very impressive at classy potlucks and slightly dressed-up gatherings.

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Here’s how to do it—in two basic steps:

Infused Vodka | Evermine Blog |
Throw some fresh herbs into some vodka. A small amount of herb is all that is needed for a full bottle of vodka; think one orange peel, two sprigs of rosemary, etc. My favorite herbal infusion is rosemary, but orange peel, lemongrass, cinnamon, cumin, jalapeño, kefir lime leaves, and ginger are all great options. It may be helpful to score your herb to allow for the plant constituents to escape into the alcohol more easily (notice the scoring on the lemongrass pictured here).

Let the herbs steep for 1-7 days. Taste your infusion daily and remove the herbs when you like the intensity of the flavor. This infused vodka will keep indefinitely.

Infused Vodka | Evermine Blog |
Dress up your infused vodka. Vintage decanters are easily available and inexpensive from second-hand stores, and they have a way of really classing up a simple infusion. For extra visual interest, add another bunch of the original herb to your decanter on the day you plan to use it. Personalized hang tags from add a super special touch to any party offering. Seriously, people swoon for this stuff.

Infused Vodka | Evermine Blog |
I like the idea of extending this to a holiday gift or a simple, make-ahead birthday, graduation, retirement or anniversary gift. Just make a handful of bottles of infused vodkas at the same time, and store them for later. As the festivities draw near, bottle and label the vodka—and voila—no fretting over what to bring to the party.

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(Pro tip: be sure to tape the back of the hang tag to the decanter if your infusion is intended to be used at the party. This way, the tag won’t keep falling off.)

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  1. love this idea! what adorable bottles, too. where are they found?
    want do do it exactly as you’ve done it here!
    well done!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Andria!

    I found these bottles at my local Goodwill store. I often see decanters like these there–so many that I’ve had to tell myself to stop them, I have enough already. I would give other second-hand stores a try, or any antique shops in your area.

    Keep in mind you may have to put in a little extra work to get them clean on the inside.

    Good luck!

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