Fruit Popsicles | Evermine Occasions |
Not long ago, I discovered the canning jar toppers over here at Evermine and my mind when wild with all of the different ways they can be used: To top canning jars – well, that’s a given. They are a great way to label your home preserves and make jam an even better gift.

Evermine has great, thick coasters, but in a pinch, you could also use some of these canning toppers. Or make a personalized garland for a party by stringing a bunch of them up and hanging near the festivities. I even used them to top the bug collection jars for a recent birthday party game.

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But it is this idea that was my ah-ha moment. It has been so hot out this summer that fresh fruit popsicles turn into a sticky mess in no time. I would find that even the popsicle molds with the drip catcher wasn’t doing a good enough job of keeping my fingers from getting sticky. I’ve seen people use cupcake liners to catch drips but they aren’t as strong as canning toppers – an idea is born!

I made a bunch for our summer barbeque as the kids aren’t nearly as concerned as I am with drips so they will let the popsicles melt down their arms before they notice. Canning jar toppers turned into drip catchers is now my new favorite party trick!

Fruit Popsicles | Evermine Occasoins |
To make them, cut a small slit in the cardboard topper and push the popsicle through. They have pretty labels on one side so you can set them up on a platter to serve.

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Fruit Popsicle Drip Catchers | Evermine Occasions |
To make the fruit popsicles, I add fresh fruit to a blender and pour into popsicle molds; no need for sugar, they taste perfect as is. These ones are banana, peach, and watermelon—a summer-fresh combination!

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