Passover Cleaning Kit

Passover Cleaning Kit | Evermine Blog |
Keep Calm and Clean On! That’s my motto when it comes to Passover cleaning. I’ll admit, it sure is hard to inspire children to clean. I don’t just mean cleaning up their toys. I mean, REALLY cleaning in preparation for Passover. It is customary to rid our homes of any leavened substances, such as bread, crumbs, stray cheerios or any cookie bits that, by some bizarre occurrence, have ended up in your makeup tray.

Passover Cleaning Kit | Evermine Blog |
Eight children, loads of stray “chometz” (leavened wheat products) and hours of thorough cleaning. The deep explanation behind this is that leavened bread, being puffy, symbolizes our ‘ego,’ and that by cleaning in a physical sense, we hope to take time to focus on cleansing ourselves to rid our nature from our own ‘puffiness,’ or ego.

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Matzah, traditionally eaten on Passover, is the symbol of humility. It is thin and flat. When we consume the Matzah, we think of how to internalize its lesson for us in striving to be humble and modest.

Passover Cleaning Kit | Evermine Blog |
To encourage our children to be excited for Passover and to enjoy the cleaning, I made these cute little cleaning kits for each child. The label says it all, and the contents? Well, what child doesn’t like to use a spray bottle? Not only does the package come with a cute mini bar of soap and cloth, but it boasts a sponge that expands underwater too.

Passover Cleaning Kit | Evermine Blog |
And ladies, don’t forget to put together a package for your husband. Happy Cleaning!

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