Passover Seder Wine with Personalized Labels

Wine for Passover Seder | Evermine Blog |
Making a Passover Seder can be an overwhelming task. Between the cooking and coordinating of guests, there is rarely enough time to pay attention to the centerpieces and decor, yet why not turn the wine, which is such an integral part of the Seder, into part of the table decor?

Passover Seder Wine | Evermine Blog |
Considering we drink four cups of wine at the Seder, I’d say take advantage and use the wine bottles to dress things up. This is simple to do. All you need is some nice kosher wine, and some beautiful personalized wine labels from Evermine.

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Passover Seder Wine with Personalized Labels | Evermine Blog |
Simply wash off the label with a sponge and warm running water, dry well and replace with your personalized label, and you’re done! These are beautiful to place next to mini bud vases along the middle of your Seder table. You can also use these wine bottles as Passover gifts if you are the guest and wish to really spoil your host.

Passover Seder Wine with Personalized Labels | Evermine Blog |

P.S. Don’t forget to check out this video from our How-To Series on how to center your wine labels.

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