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Daycare Name Labels | Evermine Blog | www.evermine.comNow that my son is in daycare, he tends to need to bring a lot of stuff along with him. Some things he needs to bring (like his lunch, snacks, water, sunscreen, and extra clothes), but some things he wants to bring (like my ring, a fridge magnet, a toy elephant, or some crayons).

I label the things that he needs to bring so that I can send them again another day. I label the things he wants to bring because he is at an age that he will be utterly devastated if he can’t bring the item, or if it gets lost throughout the day. We are in quite a rush to get out the door on time in the morning, so in most cases it’s just easier to stick a label on things.

Daycare Name Labels | Evermine Blog |
I like to order a few sizes of labels so I can put them on different items. I find that both the small rectangle and oval labels are perfect for most things.

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The waterproof vinyl labels stick to many items perfectly, but are also easy to remove so I can pull them off without needing to fuss with glue and paper stuck on things.

Daycare Name Labels | Evermine Blog |
They last quite a long time on items that get worn, like hats, jackets, rain suits, and boots, but they can also be stuck on the back of back-up clothing and removed before washing.

I really love that I don’t have to mark up my son’s clothes with a permanent marker, as many items will still be in good condition when he outgrows them, and I can pass them on to another little guy.

Personalized Daycare Name Labels | Evermine Blog |
Adding a name is sufficient at the small family daycare that I use, but you could also include a phone number, email, or address for larger daycare facilities or schools.

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Personalized Daycare Name Labels | Evermine Blog |
I’m so glad that I ordered these labels as I am always finding new uses for them! I just keep them in the drawer, and stick them on anything that absolutely must be taken to daycare, and I can be certain that those items will make it home again.

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