Personalized Wedding Bubbles

Personalized Wedding Bubbles

Send off the bride and groom with well-wishes and shimmering bubbles. Bubbles are super inexpensive and are gentler alternatives to grains of rice. They make for dreamy photographs and can double as wedding favors. You can also customize your bubbles with labels and tags to add a personal touch.

First, purchase skinny tubes of bubbles at your local dollar store. You can also purchase them online here.

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Personalized Wedding Bubbles

Second, order small labels and tags. Pick a style that fits your wedding theme. We used the style Watercolor Confetti in the color Peach. Watercolor Confetti is airy and whimsical and just happened to perfectly match our wedding decor.

Add the bride & groom’s name to the tags and attach them to the wedding bubbles with patterned thread.

Personalized Wedding Bubbles

Place one label on each bubble container. The labels are made of waterproof vinyl so they can peel on and off without leaving a paper residue. For the labels we added a cute saying:

Blow bubbles of well-wishes for the new mister and missus!

You can set your newly personalized wedding bubbles however you like, but we love setting them in a glass tumbler.

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Personalized Wedding Bubbles

If you purchased bubbles that don’t come in a skinny container, don’t fret! Check out our shapes & sizes reference page to find the right label for you! You can print and cut out the different shapes to test out what works best for your bubble container.

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