Pinterest Collaboration: Nursery & Baby with Stacy Dutton

Nursery/Baby Pinterest Collaboration Board with Blog Contributor Stacy Dutton | Evermine Blog |
Today we’re excited to team up with Stacy Dutton – one of our regular blog contributors and the Art Director here at Evermine – on a Pinterest collaboration board for nursery & baby. This theme is especially exciting because not only does Stacy have the experience of planning for and mothering a newborn (the little guy you see in the photos), but she and her family are also expecting a new baby girl this summer. Congratulations to Stacy and family!

Nursery/Baby Pinterest Collaboration Board with Blog Contributor Stacy Dutton | Evermine Blog |
We’ve asked Stacy a few questions to get to know her better, and to discover the inspiration behind the Nursery & Baby Pinterest board. Here’s what she had to say:

Q. How long have you been contributing to the Evermine blog?
A. I think it’s been almost a year now. I had been throwing so many baby showers and parties for family and friends that Rachel, our former blog editor, finally convinced me to start contributing some of my ideas. She always loved to hear about my ideas and encouraged me to share them – it’s been such a fun thing for me to do in my spare time. I love it and I wish I had started earlier.

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Q. How do you come up with your blog post ideas?
A. Most of my posts are inspired by gifts for friends or family. I have always enjoyed making homemade gifts, and it’s great to finally have an excuse to try out some of the things I see on Pinterest.

My mom always made my Halloween costumes, put cute notes in my lunches growing up and threw fun birthday parties for me, and now that I am a mom, I want to do those same things for my son, so some of my blog posts are inspired by wanting to be a more crafty mom for him.

Q. What has been your favorite blog post to write for us? Why?
A. Anyone that knows me knows I can’t have a favorite. I really loved making the Vanilla-Coconut Sugar Scrub because it inspired me to make a variety of other sugar scrubs. However, I know my husband, father and father-in-law all loved receiving the Father’s Day Snack Jars. They have become a huge hit at the office, and their co-workers are always asking them to refill the jars.

Q. What sorts of things do you do when you aren’t working/blogging?
A. When I am not working or blogging, you will find me spending time with my family: my husband, my son and our yellow lab. Since I am a working mom, I totally live for my weekends. We spend the mornings lounging around, drinking espresso, going for walks and spending time at the park. We used to have a very crazy-busy schedule, but things have slowed down a lot since having my son. I do love to bake pies for my loved ones when I get the time – it’s the only time I enjoy to be in the kitchen, and I still love to run. It has been my go-to stress relief since high school, and nothing can beat the sound of the rhythm of your shoes hitting the pavement.

Q. Can you tell us a little about the influence behind the Nursery/Baby Pinterest board?
A. When I was pregnant, I found myself always searching for what things to register for, what books to read or how to decorate the nursery. I loved getting advice from friends or from blogs I follow on what baby things I needed. And after having my son, I wanted to create my own board with my favorite things, plus some pretty inspiration for adorable nurseries. Who doesn’t love a cute nursery?

And speaking of nurseries, check out some of Stacy’s pins from the Nursery & Baby Pinterest board:

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Nursery/Toddler Pinterest Board Collaboration with Stacy Dutton | Evermine Blog |

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