If you’ve already read my wedding post on color inspiration, you know that my fiancé and I are planning for our D.I.Y. wedding in September, and that we’re hoping to incorporate as many handmade, recycled, and thrifted items into our day as possible. This, of course, includes the wedding favors.

I’ll admit, choosing a wedding favor was difficult for me. I had no idea where to begin! Thankfully, a friend of mine pointed out the What to Say section on the Evermine website, which has loads of useful wedding-related phrases and inspiration. My fiancé and I want an outdoor, barn-themed wedding, so I was happy to find a couple of phrases that were particularly relevant to our setting:

“Plant the seed, harvest the dream.”


“…so that the joy of our day may linger in your garden”

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In the end, I chose the second saying, and decided to accompany it with packets of seeds. To take the idea a step further, I decided to make our own seed packets with scrap paper that we had lying around the house, old graphing paper, and paper bags.

Here’s the process for making homemade seed packets:

1. To make the back portion and top flap of your seed packet, cut several sheets of paper (presumably one for each of your wedding guests) into 3 1/4″ x 5″ rectangles.

2. To make the front of your seed packets, cut the same amount of paper as you made for step #1 into 3 1/4″ x 4″ rectangles.






3. Grab one long rectangle and one short rectangle, and align them together. Place them under the foot of your sewing machine, beginning at the top-left corner of the shortest rectangle. Sew the two sheets together near the outside edge, and stop when you reach the top-right corner of the shorter sheet. Lift the foot and needle of your sewing machine out of your seed packet, and cut off any loose threads.

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4. Attach a label with your saying, and the name of you and your fiancé, to the side of your packet with the shorter rectangle. I chose Aruba-colored labels in the style of Love.

5. Fold the end of the longer piece over the shorter piece to make the top flap. Poke a hole in the top, right corner of the flap using a thumb tack, and string a piece of twine through the hole. Attach a tag to the seed packet that states what type of seeds are in the packet. My tags are Love diamond hang tags are also Aruba-colored to match the labels.

I chose to use basil seeds for our wedding favors because herbs are so easy to grow in gardens or window sills. And since my fiancé and I order seeds for our garden every year, we decided that it would be really convenient for us to order more packets of basil and divvy them up between all of the homemade packets that we’ve made for our wedding favors. Not only are the seeds cheap, but the homemade seed packets are made out of recycled materials!

To make our handmade seed packets look extra fancy, we chose customized labels and tags in our wedding colors. We will be using this style of label/tag for most of our other wedding decorations as well, such as the centerpieces, which will be covered in my upcoming post, discussing how to make your D.I.Y. wedding as budget friendly as possible.

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  1. We’ve long been a fan of your labels! Just stopping by to say hi! And love your work! I’m 100 percent positive that my readers would fall in love with your label collection! So much inspiration here on your site!

  2. i planned a outdoor reception with bbq…..my idea for wedding favors is mason jars to drink from with labels on them. the guest can then take home the jars as favors. hopefully this turns out good and i cant wait to orders my labels and get started!


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