Planning A DIY Wedding – Part One

Welcome to our first ever D.I.Y. Wedding Series! Over the next month we will be sharing inspiration and ideas on how to plan a do-it-yourself wedding. One of our contributors, Lindsay, will be sharing real life tips and ideas she’s found while planning her own wedding. She has tons of great ideas about choosing wedding colors, creating themes, and tips on creating your dream wedding while on a budget. This is the first post of this series, to be published every Friday. Have any tips or ideas of your own? Leave Lindsay a comment or email us at:


On March 19th, 2010, my fiancé and I were officially engaged to be married. However, instead of planning our wedding for the upcoming summer, we decided to extend our engagement for another year to do it our way: the do-it-yourself way. We wanted to give ourselves ample time for thrifting, collecting, and hand-making as much of our wedding decorations as possible. This was definitely a financial decision, but we also knew it would make the day more special for us to put so much of our own personal tastes and work into it.

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One of the first choices we faced was in regards to our wedding colors. My fiancé and I are similar in that we both like earthy and neutral tones, but because we knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, we decided it would be best to find colors that would pop against the surrounding environment. After looking around in magazines and blogs, I found my eyes repeatedly drawn to a particular color combination that I would have never otherwise considered – coral pink, turquoise, gold, and neutrals:

(Image Sources: 1. dottieangel 2. _cassia_ 3. hollythedolly 4. abbytrysagain 5. lindsayjewell 6. lindsayjewell 7. evermine 8. lindsayjewell 9. decor8blog 10. designshrine 11. cakesnob 12. lindsayjewell 13. lindsayjewell)

I know that four colors is a lot, but we felt that the variation would make it easier to collect from thrift stores. And since we plan on utilizing the concept of coordinated mismatching, a four-colored theme is really quite perfect. If we had chosen an indoor wedding, we probably would have narrowed it down to two or three colors instead. For instance, I really like soft greens, whites, and yellows:

(Image Sources: 1. WoordnBeeld 2. Evermine 3. _cassia_ 4. jhague 5. Evermine 6. luvpublishing (absent for a bit) 7. neon_tambourine 8. luvpublishing (absent for a bit) 9. jodysphotography 10. mclarecal 11. x99elledge 12. teepee1 13. luvpublishing (absent for a bit))

Although I love the way these colors work together, the subtle greens and yellows would have been completely engulfed by the surrounding trees and grass in an outdoor wedding. That’s why we chose bolder options, but I definitely would have considered it if we had planned our wedding indoors.

Unlike the first two color combinations, I think that lavender and gold can be a great compromise. I’ve recently fallen in love with the way these colors look together, and I think they would work really well for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

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Whether you choose to have your wedding indoors or outdoors, wedding colors should definitely be one of the first tasks you take on. Keep in mind that your favorite colors may not always be the best choice for your wedding. To help you narrow your choices, look through books, magazines, or blogs for images of inspiration. You may even want to compile your images into an inspiration board like I have to help you get a better idea of how all of your colors and shades jive with one another. Once you’ve reached your decision, you can finally start the process of planning and gathering for your wedding. And remember, this process works really well whether you’re planning a d.i.y. wedding or not!

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