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Drop by and say hello (no-contact style) with a cute door hanger message. Remember the old May day tradition of leaving flowers on someone’s doorstep, ringing the bell, and running away. It’s kind of like that – only the surprise is a cheery card you’ve slipped over their doorknob. Ringing bells and running are optional, of course. 🙂 Your message can be encouraging like “hang in there” or “can’t wait until we can hang out”, or just “hey, i miss you.” It’s a fun way to leave a “happy birthday” or other special occasion greeting too.

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Pictured Products Jules Veneer Design in Multi-Choice

Officially, these are bottle hangers that you would place over the neck of a wine gift. But all you need is one snip with scissors and you have door hangers! You can even get different text and images on each one.

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