Pressed Ferns for Mother's Day from Idea Land #craft #diy #nature #gift #mom #art(Used in this project: Oval Tags in Spring style and DIY Custom Tags.)

Last month, while researching ideas for DIY wall art, I stumbled upon this post for pressed botanical specimens from Design*Sponge that was not only perfect for my walls, but would also make a great gift for anyone who loves plants. It just so happens that my mom is fond of ferns, so I decided to gather some extra fronds from my yard to make her a gift for Mother’s Day this year.

If you’re interested in making this project yourself, you can use ferns like I did, or almost any flat-leafed plant specimen you like, just so long as you allow your samples ample time to press and dry before you mount them.


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Pressed Fern Wall Art

Here’s what you’ll need:
• Plant clippings (make sure you have several, and that they’re in good shape)
• Heavy books – something you don’t mind soiling
• Paper towels or newspaper
• Scissors or pruning shears
• Picture frames (I found mine at my local thrift store)
• Rubber Cement
• Cardstock

1. Using your scissors or pruning shears, collect flat-leafed plant samples from your yard. Look for samples that are healthy, and free from insect damage or wilting. Bring them in, and towel dry if damp.

Pressed Ferns for Mother's Day from Idea Land #craft #diy #nature #gift #mom #art

2. Open one of your books (a phonebook works well for this project), and line the open page with two sheets of paper towel or newspaper. Place your plant specimen between the two sheets, and carefully close the book over it, making sure not to bend the plant sample. Repeat this process with the rest of your specimens, and then set aside. Place another book or two on top for extra weight, and allow to to sit and press for at least two weeks.

2. After two weeks, carefully examine plant specimens. If they are pressed and dried to your satisfaction, gently remove them from the book, and set aside.

Pressed Ferns for Mother's Day from Idea Land #craft #diy #nature #gift #mom #art

3. Measure out your cardstock to fit into your picture frames and cut to size. Arrange plant specimens on your cardstock until you like the way they look. Use rubber cement to glue in place, and allow the glue to dry. Place cardstock with glued specimen inside picture frame, and cover with backing to secure in place.

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Pressed Ferns for Mother's Day from Idea Land #craft #diy #nature #gift #mom #art

Once you’ve prepared your frames, they’re ready to go on your wall or give as gifts. To package my pressed ferns for Mother’s Day, I gift-wrapped the frames, and attached my personalized tags with kitchen twine. For my first tag, I chose a picture of my sister and I when we were little, which is a great option if you and your sibling are going in on a gift for your mom together. I just chose which custom photo tag shape I wanted to use, and then uploaded my photo to the site. I also chose a matching amber colored oval tag in the style Spring.

Pressed Ferns for Mother's Day from Idea Land #craft #diy #nature #gift #mom #art

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