Printable Luggage Tags

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog(Used in this project: Printable Luggage Tags and Wide Labels in Katniss style.)

Make your own luggage tags for party favors, place cards or wedding gifts. Just download our printable Luggage Tag PDF, print on a sheet of heavy paper or cover stock and trim out. Affix a personalized label and tie off with decorative string.

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog

Add A Personalized Label:
• If you choose to use the long luggage tag template (shown above), our wide (shape 34) labels and tall (shape 04) labels will fit perfectly.
• Use our short luggage tag template with vertical (shape 05) labels and horizontal (shape 06) labels.

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog

Printable Luggage Tags from My Own Ideas blog

Used In This Project:

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