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Product Line Labels | Evermine Occasions |
With all the great recipes and ideas available here at the Evermine blog, I wanted to be sure that you know about a really great way to use labels and tags available at the Evermine shop–in case you haven’t figured it out already.

I call this strategy a “product line,” though you can use it for holiday gifts, wedding favors, a brand for your own kitchen as well as for business products. Here’s the gist of it: use the same style label in different colors to relate—and differentiate–your various favors, gifts or products. See, the colors of Evermine labels within a single style are designed to look good together, so you can make that work for you.

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Pictured here are the products: Bakin’ Bites, Grain-Free Nut and Seed Granola, and Duqqa (recipe forthcoming from the Evermine blog). Maybe you can imagine how these various kitchen ideas would make a sweet batch of holiday gifts, a clever set of wedding favors or a snappy small business product. Of course, this collection of recipes is just an example. There are so many great ideas to peruse at this blog, or maybe you have your own killer recipes to make into a sweetly packaged batch like this.

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Product Line Labels | Evermine Occasions |
Another quick idea: put your name front and center! Why not? Show your pride in your product.

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