Rummed Fruit

Rummed fruit is the base ingredient in Christmas cake which is a rich pudding-like cake made in the Caribbean. I loved the infused fruit so much that I thought, why not skip the cake and go straight for the gold! They taste great on top of brie cheese, hot apple pie, or mixed with spiced cider, but I like them best as a finger food.

What You’ll Need:
• Glass canning jars and lids
• Dried fruit (golden raisins, cranberries, apricots, cherries, anything will taste great, you could even throw in some orange and lemon rinds)
• 1 tbs. Sugar
• Dark Rum and Water

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Fill each jar with dried fruit allowing room for liquids. Sprinkle in the sugar then fill with three parts rum and one part water. Screw on your lid tight and shake vigorously. Store your jars in a cool dry place and let them soak. Traditionally they are aged for a year, so if you make your jars now you can give them out for Christmas this year or save them for next year when they will be extremely potent and full of flavor. To package mine up I ordered some personalized canning labels and wrapped some pretty ribbon around the rim of each jar.

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