Rustic Cherry Wedding Favors

Rustic Cherry Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog |
Sweet, dark cherries with arching stems and a glasslike shine are a sentimental memory of summer. They clearly mark the time of year as there are only a few short weeks when freshly picked cherries have a richness and depth to their sweetness, almost like a fine wine or port.

Rustic Cherry Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog |
These rustic favor bags, filled with seasonal cherries make for a sweet and memorable gift for wedding guests. These gift bags are perfect accompaniment to a farm, backyard, or garden wedding with a fresh theme. For years to come, guests will remember the festivities whenever cherries are in season.

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How to make rustic wedding favor bags | Evermine Blog |

To make the gift bags:

1. Choose kraft paper favor bags in the large size.
2. Make two small tears on the either side of the bag where it is folded, and fold the front and back panels down.
3. Carefully fold the top of the bag over again, giving it a cuff. Tuck the two pointy bottom corners under and tape them in place.

Rustic Cherry Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog |
Fill the bag with fresh cherries on the morning of the big day. Guests will be delighted to take them home.

Rustic Cherry Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog |
Tip: to ramp them up even more, consider sending guests home with an engraved cherry pitter, which they will be happy to know also makes quick work of removing the pits from olives as well.

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