If you are like me, and you tend to grow more greens in your garden than you can eat, you may want to consider jarring them up as gifts. Homegrown salad in a jar is not only a convenient way to snack on healthy, delicious vegetables, but it also gives you a means to express that you care for your friends and family.

The method for preparing salad in a jar is really simple. To begin, make sure all of your ingredients are thoroughly rinsed, dried, and chopped. Salad greens and cabbage should be torn into bite-sized pieces, and all of the other sizeable ingredients should be sliced into matchsticks, shredded, or diced.

First, add the dressing to the bottom of your pint-sized, wide mouth jars. Follow the dressing with your lettuce and/or cabbage. Layer the rest of your prepared ingredients by color for an added visual effect, making sure to leave at least 1-inch headspace so the salad can mix thoroughly when shaken. Make sure to store your jars of salad in the refrigerator so they’ll stay fresh until you’re ready to give them away.

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This weekend, I plan on taking my friends out for a picnic on the beach. To make the picnic extra special, I’m preparing salad in a jar from our garden with oval tags and jar labels in the style of Classic Oldstyle in lime green and gold. I’m also attaching forks to the side of my jars with twine. I think they’re going to love it.

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