Infused Detox Waters

Infused Detox Waters |
Like almost everyone at the beginning of a new year, I am making a promise to myself to live healthier and be kind to myself in mind, body and soul. One easy way we can all improve our health and be kinder to our bodies is to indulge in a nice, tall glass of infused water every day, and that’s what I plan to do with these 3 simple recipes. Let’s see how long this resolution will last me – I hope all year long because my body is definitely in need of the beneficial effects from all these ingredients and proper hydration, and I’m sure yours is too.

Share these infused waters with your friends and family the next time they are feeling a little under the weather, or make one for yourself and your co-workers to help get each other through the workday. Starting now, let’s all be kinder to our bodies by putting some good into them.

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Infused Detox Waters |

Infused Detox Water Recipes
Recipe Type: Healthy Recipe
Author: Evermine
  • Green (with health envy) Tea Detox:
  • Lime
  • green tea
  • mint
  • Sick day, what’s that? Immunity Booster:
  • Lemon
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Ginger
  • Hello Sunshine, Morning Detox:
  • Lemon! That’s all it takes.
  1. [img src=”” width=”680″ height=”1020″ class=”alignnone size-full” title=”Green with Envy Detox Infused Water”]
Green (with health envy) Tea Detox:
  1. Give this combination of lime, green tea and mint leaves a try for a boost in antioxidants, skin care and improved digestion. It also aids in congestion and other respiratory issues.
  2. Steep 1 bag of green tea into 12-18 oz of hot water for 3-4 minutes then let it cool in the refrigerator. Once cool, add slices of a whole lime and a bunch of mint leaves, the amount is up to you. Let steep for a couple hours or overnight. Drink this and your body will thank you.
  3. [img src=”” width=”680″ height=”1020″ class=”alignnone size-full” title=”Sick Day? What’s That – Health Immunity Booster Detox Infused Water |”]
Sick day, what’s that? Immunity Booster:
  1. Need a boost in your immunity? Here’s an infusion for you. The list of healthy benefits for ginger is long enough that it could really stand alone but with lemon, apple and oranges, this water will give you the dose of nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy body and immune system. Combine ingredients with 3-4 cups of water, let steep for a couple hours or overnight and enjoy the benefits.
  2. [img src=”” width=”680″ height=”1020″ class=”alignnone size-full” title=”Hello Sunshine – Morning Detox Infused Water |”]
Hello Sunshine, Morning Detox:
  1. The citric acid from lemons help maintain a good pH balance in your body and when your pH levels are within an ideal range you are less prone to heart disease, fatigue and weight gain. It also aids in digestion and provides a dose of vitamin C, the list goes on.
  2. The simplest way to detox in the morning is to add a fresh squeeze of lemon and some slices to 8 oz of cold or hot water. Let steep and drink this 30 minutes before having breakfast to get the full effect and you’ll start your morning off on the right foot, or left, if you prefer. Get all the healthy benefits from the citric acid found in lemons with this Hello Sunshine, Morning Detox.
Tip: Drink these infused waters as soon as they are done steeping for the best results. Refrigerate leftover water and strain out any remaining ingredients. Infused waters keep for up to two days.

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