(Used in this project: Collar Labels in Treasury style and Free Printable Polkadot Cupcake Wrappers.)

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In with the luscious colors, the sweet chilly breezes, and the yearning to bundle up that fall brings, I have the pleasure of celebrating many of my dear friends’ birthdays. My best friend Blythe, of over 20 years, is celebrating her birthday—and when I saw these creative cupcakes, I was inspired by how fun they would be to make with kids. Blythe is a substitute teacher and I had to make them for her party, as well as pass along the idea for her to do with one of her classes.

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Scarecrow Cupcakes

Start by baking your favorite cupcakes the night before (for this event I chose Honey Cornbread muffins from Sweetpea’s Kitchen). The day of the party haphazardly frost the cupcakes with a heavy hand, with your favorite buttercream icing—all the steps to follow are great to do with children! Easy to set up in an assembly line with guided examples. Refrigerate for 15 minutes or so before decorating.


Decorating Items:
Inspired by Hoosier Homemade

• Orange slices candy
• M&M candies
• Fiber One cereal or egg noodles
• Cinnamon or chocolate graham crackers
• Candy corns
• Some darker piping icing (optional)

Begin with constructing the scarecrow hats with graham crackers. Cut a few long rectangles and squares. I used the long rectangles both as the brim and as the top of a hat; I then also used the squares to give a few hats a pointy tip. Press the crackers into the cupcakes firmly, until they stay put.

Next, add the hair to your little army or scarecrow. Using the same firm hand you did to add the hats, press the fiber one ‘sticks’ just under the hat and around the hairline. Have fun with it and add a mustache or beard.


There are a bunch of options for the face, and its super fun to build a personality as you go. Use M&Ms for the eyes, mouth, and nose—maybe even the ears! Same goes for the rest of the candies, play around, or let your little helper create their own.


For Blythe, I presented the cupcakes on a rustic decorated table, with printable cupcake wrappers and my personalized label in the style of Treasury.

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Used In This Project:

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